Napaporn Tanawatyanyong

Napaporn TanawatyanyongAssociate Accounting Director

Napaporn Tanawatyanyong
RSM (Thailand) Limited

26/F Sathorn City Tower 175 South Sathorn Road Thungmahamek, Sathorn Bangkok 10120

+66 (02) 670 9002-6
+66 (02) 670 9027-8
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Napaporn’s Profile

Napaporn Tanawatyanyong
Associate Accounting Director,
RSM (Thailand) Limited

Napaporn has been employed by RSM Advisory (Thailand) Limited since November 2010.

Principal area of practice

Napaporn commenced her professional career in 1989 and she manages the accounting and taxation services department of RSM Advisory (Thailand) Limited.

She has extensive experience in all of the Accounting Department operations, and provides corporate clients with accounting and tax consultation services.

Napaporn has been engaged in several tax review assignments (value added tax, withholding tax and corporate income tax) for local and international corporations and has direct experience in dealing with the Thai Revenue Department officials assisting clients in finalising tax investigations.

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